Rug Under Bed: 5 Recommendations for Beautiful Rugs

Hey there! As an enthusiast for cozy and stylish bedrooms, I’m here to talk about the magic a beautiful rug under your bed can create. It’s not just about adding a piece of decor; it’s about transforming your space into a warm, inviting sanctuary. So, let’s dive into how you can select the perfect rug to complement your bed and overall bedroom aesthetics.

The Importance of a Rug Under Your Bed

  • Aesthetic Enhancement: A rug under the bed significantly elevates the room’s aesthetics. It adds color, texture, and pattern, creating a focal point that ties together various elements of the bedroom’s decor. This can transform a plain space into a stylish and inviting one.
  • Warmth and Comfort: Stepping onto a soft rug from your bed, especially in colder months, offers a comforting and warm start to the day. It acts as a barrier between your feet and a cold floor, providing a cozy and comfortable experience.
  • Noise Reduction: Rugs are excellent at absorbing sound, making your bedroom quieter and more serene. They minimize the noise of foot traffic, especially on hardwood or tile floors, contributing to a more peaceful sleeping environment.
  • Softens the Space: In rooms with hard flooring, a rug under the bed softens the space both visually and physically. It creates a sense of warmth and comfort that hard floors alone cannot provide, making the bedroom feel more welcoming.
  • Protects Flooring: Placing a rug under your bed can also help protect the flooring beneath from wear and tear, especially in high-traffic areas around the bed. It acts as a shield against scuffs, scratches, and general wear, preserving the look of your floor.
  • Improves Room Dynamics: The right rug can alter the perception of the room’s dimensions. It can make a small room feel larger, a narrow room appear wider, or a large room feel more intimate, depending on its size and placement.
  • Enhances Comfort and Sleep Quality: The added comfort a rug provides can indirectly promote better sleep. A cozy, well-designed bedroom environment contributes to a relaxed state of mind, which can lead to improved sleep quality.

Incorporating a rug under your bed is more than just a design choice; it’s a multifaceted addition to your bedroom that improves comfort, aesthetics, and overall room quality.

Rug types

When choosing a beautiful rug to place under your bed, consider these five recommendations that balance style, comfort, and practicality:

  • Textured Wool Rugs: Wool rugs are known for their durability and comfort. Opt for one with a rich texture or a subtle pattern to add depth and warmth to your bedroom. Wool’s natural fibers are soft underfoot, making it a luxurious choice for stepping onto each morning.
  • Persian or Oriental Rugs: For a touch of elegance and sophistication, consider a Persian or Oriental rug. These rugs are known for their intricate designs and rich colors. They can act as a statement piece and bring a sense of timelessness and luxury to your bedroom.
  • Jute or Sisal Rugs: If you’re aiming for a more natural and understated look, jute or sisal rugs are perfect. Their earthy tones and organic textures provide a calm and grounded feel to the bedroom. These rugs are also eco-friendly and often more affordable.
  • Plush Shag Rugs: For ultimate comfort and a touch of glamour, a plush shag rug is an excellent choice. Its soft, fluffy texture makes it incredibly comfortable underfoot. Shag rugs in neutral colors like white, cream, or light gray can add a modern and luxurious feel to your bedroom.
  • Geometric Patterned Rugs: Modern and dynamic, geometric patterned rugs can add a contemporary touch to your bedroom. Whether it’s bold colors or monochromatic schemes, these rugs can create an eye-catching focal point and complement simpler bedding and furniture.

Each of these rug types offers its own unique aesthetic and feel, providing various options to suit different bedroom styles and personal preferences. Remember to consider the size of the rug in relation to your bed and bedroom size to ensure a harmonious and balanced look.

My Top 5 Recommendations

  1. Addison Winslow Active Solid Wool and Viscose Area Rug
  2. Zola Heris Traditional Persian Rugs
  4. West Elm – Cozy Plush Low-Shed Shag Rug
  5. Steelside™ Hilary Performance Rug

1. Addison Winslow Active Solid Wool and Viscose Area Rug

Description: The Addison Winslow Active Solid Wool and Viscose Area Rug offers a blend of modern and classic styles. It’s crafted from a mix of wool and viscose, providing both durability and a luxurious sheen.
Pros: Durable, luxurious feel.
Cons: May require professional cleaning for tough stains.
Material: Wool and viscose blend.

Best Price
Chicrug Soft Runner Rugs for Bedroom
$22.99 ($1.92 / Sq Ft)
  • 25 Colours to Choose
  • The grey plush rug runner made of soft high fluff which give you a soft and comfortable touch
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02/19/2024 12:00 am GMT

2. Zola Heris Traditional Persian Rugs

Description: Zola Heris rugs from Asiatic Carpets in London feature traditional Persian designs with a modern color twist. They are known for their premium density and deep piles, akin to fine carpets.
Pros: Traditional aesthetic with modern colors, high-quality feel.
Cons: May not suit ultra-modern decor styles.
Material: Likely a blend of polypropylene and polyester.


Description: The Citizenry offers handwoven jute area rugs that bring an eco-friendly and natural aesthetic to your space. Their earthy tones and organic textures are ideal for creating a relaxed atmosphere.
Pros: Eco-friendly, natural aesthetic.
Cons: May be less durable than synthetic rugs.
Material: Jute.

Top Pick
Noahas Ultra Soft Fluffy Bedroom Rugs
  • 23 Colours to Choose
  • Shaggy Grey Area Rugs for Bedroom
  • Oval Throw Rugs
  • Non Slip Modern Home Decor
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4. West Elm – Cozy Plush Low-Shed Shag Rug

Description: West Elm’s Cozy Plush Low-Shed Shag Rug is perfect for adding a touch of luxury and comfort. Its soft, fluffy texture is ideal for those seeking comfort underfoot.
Pros: Luxurious and comfortable.
Cons: Requires careful maintenance to keep it looking plush.
Material: Likely synthetic fibers for low shedding.

5. Steelside™ – Hilary Performance Rug

Description: The Steelside™ Hilary Performance Rug is known for its durability and contemporary design. It’s a great choice for high-traffic areas, offering both style and resilience.
Pros: Durable, suitable for high-traffic areas.
Cons: May lack the plush feel of softer rug types.
Material: Likely synthetic for enhanced performance.

#1 Best Seller
Ophanie Rug, Non Slip Small Carpets for Bedroom
$19.99 ($1.33 / Sq Ft)
  • 10 Colours to Choose
  • Ultra soft & Non-slip
  • Modern design
  • Microfiber
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Considerations for Rug Size and Placement

For the perfect bedroom rug, size and placement are crucial. It should extend 18-24 inches on all bed sides, allowing space to step on. For queen or king beds, an 8×10 feet rug is ideal; for full or twin beds, choose 5×8 or 6×9 feet. Centering the rug under the bed is traditional, but shifting it towards the bed’s lower two-thirds can add dynamism. Ensure it’s evenly spaced from walls and furniture for balance. Proper size and placement can significantly enhance your bedroom’s look and feel.

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Size Guide and Positioning Tips

  • For King and Queen Beds: Opt for a rug that is at least 8×10 feet or larger. This size ensures the rug extends comfortably around the bed, creating a balanced and proportional look. The rug should stretch out about 18-24 inches on either side of the bed for an elegant appearance and practical use.
  • For Full and Twin Beds: A smaller rug, such as 5×8 or 6×9 feet, works well. This size complements the dimensions of the bed without overpowering the room. It should still extend a good 18 inches from the sides of the bed to maintain balance and functionality.
  • Center Placement: The most traditional way to position a rug is to center it under the bed. This creates a symmetrical look, ensuring equal visibility and access to the rug on both sides of the bed.
  • Asymmetrical Placement: For a more contemporary style, consider an asymmetrical approach. You can shift the rug more towards the foot of the bed or slightly off to one side. This adds a dynamic and modern touch to the room but ensure that the rug still offers practical coverage and comfort when stepping out of bed.
  • Avoid Under Furniture: Try not to extend the rug under other pieces of furniture like nightstands or dressers. Keeping the rug independent of these pieces can make the space feel larger and less cluttered.
  • Check Door Clearance: Ensure that your rug doesn’t obstruct the door’s path. Measure the door clearance to guarantee that it can open and close freely over the rug.
  • Visual Balance with Room Size: Consider the overall size of your bedroom. In larger rooms, bigger rugs can help fill the space and create a cozy environment. In smaller rooms, a rug that’s too large can overwhelm the space, so choose accordingly.

Maintaining Your Bedroom Rug

Maintaining your rug is key to its longevity. For most rugs, regular vacuuming will keep them clean and dust-free. Be gentle with shag rugs; use a hand-held vacuum if possible. Spot clean spills immediately to prevent staining. For wool rugs, professional cleaning once a year is a good practice to keep them fresh and vibrant.

  • Regular Vacuuming: Regularly vacuum your rug to remove dust, dirt, and debris. For delicate rugs, use a brush attachment or a vacuum with adjustable suction to prevent damage.
  • Spot Cleaning Spills Immediately: In case of spills, act quickly to prevent staining. Blot the spill with a clean, dry cloth, then use a mild cleaning solution suitable for the rug’s material.
  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Steer clear of harsh chemicals that can damage the rug fibers. Instead, opt for gentle, rug-specific cleaners or a mild soap and water solution for spot cleaning.
  • Rotate the Rug Periodically: To ensure even wear, rotate your rug every few months, especially if it’s in a high-traffic area or exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Professional Cleaning: Consider professional cleaning once a year or as needed, especially for high-quality or delicate rugs. Professionals have the right equipment and expertise to deep clean without causing damage.
  • Use Rug Pads: Place rug pads underneath to prevent slipping, add cushioning, and extend the life of your rug. They also help protect the floor underneath.
  • Deal with Pet Hair: If you have pets, use a lint roller or a brush to remove pet hair, as it can become embedded in the rug fibers.
  • Air Out the Rug: Occasionally air out your rug outside (avoiding direct sunlight) to prevent musty smells and refresh its look.
  • Address Moth and Insect Prevention: In wool rugs, be mindful of moths and other insects. Use natural repellents like cedar balls and regularly inspect and clean your rug.
  • Avoid Heavy Furniture Marks: Be cautious about placing heavy furniture on your rug, as it can leave permanent indentations. Use furniture coasters if necessary.
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Matching Your Rug with Bedroom Décor

Creating a harmonious bedroom starts with matching your rug to the existing décor. If your room features bold colors or patterns, opt for a rug with neutral tones to balance the space. Conversely, a vibrant or patterned rug can add a pop of color and interest to a more subdued room. Think about the textures too – a plush rug can add warmth to a room with sleek, modern furniture, while a flat-weave rug might complement more traditional furnishings. Remember, the rug doesn’t have to match everything in the room, but it should unify the space’s overall theme and color palette.

Budgeting for Your Bedroom Rug

Budgeting for your bedroom rug is about finding the right balance between cost and quality. Rugs can range from surprisingly affordable to investment pieces. Set a realistic budget that reflects how much use and enjoyment you’ll get from the rug. Remember that higher-priced rugs often offer greater longevity and may be more cost-effective in the long run. However, there are many attractive and durable options available at lower price points. Consider the rug’s material, craftsmanship, and whether it’s machine-made or handwoven, as these factors significantly influence the price.

Where to Shop for Bedroom Rugs

Shopping for bedroom rugs offers numerous options, each with its own benefits. Local rug stores and home decor shops allow you to see and feel the rugs before purchasing, which can be crucial for assessing quality and color. Online retailers offer a wider range of options, often at more competitive prices. When shopping online, pay close attention to return policies and customer reviews. Additionally, consider exploring artisan markets or antique shops for unique, one-of-a-kind rugs that can add a special touch to your bedroom.

14 Colours to Choose
Kelarea Super Soft Shaggy Rug Fluffy Bedroom Carpets
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  • The bold pop of color and style lends a beautiful rich decor element to your home
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DIY Rug Ideas for Creative Minds

For those who love personalized touches, DIY rug projects can be a rewarding endeavor. Creating your own rug allows you to choose the exact colors, patterns, and textures to suit your bedroom’s style. Simple latch-hook kits, braiding, or weaving with fabric strips are great ways to start. Online tutorials can guide you through the process. A homemade rug not only adds a unique element to your bedroom but also gives you a sense of accomplishment and a story to tell.

Enhancing Your Bedroom with the Perfect Rug

In conclusion, the perfect rug can significantly enhance your bedroom, transforming it from a mere sleeping area to a personalized retreat. It’s not just about aesthetics; the right rug contributes to the room’s warmth and comfort. By carefully considering factors like matching decor, budgeting, shopping venues, or even creating your own rug, you can select a piece that reflects your style and needs. A well-chosen rug can anchor your bedroom’s design, making it a more inviting and cohesive space.


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